Here is a Brighter Garden: A Seasonal DDLC Fanzine

a for charity physical fanzine focused on the Dokis living a happier timeline through the seasons!

The Mod

Hey there! I'm Bee, also known as Llama (she/they). I'm 21+, work as a nanny, and airbrush in my spare time.I'm the co-founder of Jemzine and have (on-goingly!) managed it since 2018. I also have managed two Danganronpa zines: In Our Hearts (head, communication, + socials mod) and Dreams of distant days (founder, head, + socials mod) but this will be the very first time I'll be shipping mod.I've always had a soft spot for DDLC as one of my favorite horror games. But, I'm very pleased to be able to give these girls a happy little world like they deserve. My heart belongs to Yuri, but I love the entire club. I prefer winter to every other season because who likes to sweat all the time?(icon by itsumarin)
Hello! My name is Jolie (she/her) and I’m a 21-year-old communications major with a passion for art, writing, and anything zines!This is my third zine project, as I’ve previously worked on the Danganronpa zine In Our Hearts (co-head mod, writing, and socials) and Vocaloid Hall of Fame (organization). I’m also editor-in-chief of Prairie Light Review, my college’s literary arts magazine, and have had my own art and writing published in said magazine!Having played DDLC when it first came out, and now the recently released + version, I’m beyond excited to help work on this project and create a brighter garden for all the Dokis! 💐 My favorites are Monika and Sayori, and my favorite season is fall by far! 🍂🎃👻
Age: 32
Fav Doki: Natsuki
Fav season: spring
A bit about me: I'm Sarah (she/her), a hobby artist and writer who's found a major creative outlet in zines! Aside from those hobbies, I also fill my downtime with yoga and scouring let's play videos to revisit my fav games and discover new ones.My prior work: I've had the privilege of collaborating with many talented people across 11 other zines as a page artist, merch artist, writer, or mod; those have represented the fandoms of Danganronpa, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm so excited that I'm getting to add DDLC to that list!
Nice to meet you, I'm Eli (they/them)! I'm a 25-year-old illustrator from the UK, and when I'm not drawing, I also like to play video games and work on zines! Before this I ran the K/DA Charity Fanzine (head mod/socials/finance/shipping) + I've been a mod on Jemzine! + I've also worked as an artist/creator on a host of Danganronpa zines! 😊My Favorite Doki is Yuri and my favourite season is either autumn or winter.
Hey there! I'm Lewis (he/they), a filmmaker and editor from the UK. Editing and filmmaking has been a passion of mine for over a decade, so I'm very happy to be a part of the project.I joined this zine out of a pure love for Salvato's original work. DDLC quickly became the most impactful piece of visual media for me in 2017, and I'd love to be able to tribute it through this zine!
Hi, I’m Harpy (she/her)!I'm 30 years old and live in the UK. I’m a merchandise designer and run a store - aptly named Harpys!In my downtime I love playing games, watching true crime and drawing for fun - not just for merch design!My job revolves all around planning, financing, manufacturing and shipping merchandise of high quality and to a schedule! So I have years of experience with the creation proceed, and I’m very excited to utilise these skills to contribute to the zine. ✨My favourite season is winter! It’s so festive and there’s always so much to look forward to. (Plus, the winter coffee house options are always incredible. 💕)
Hello! I’m Flora (she/her), a plant ecology student from Canada! When I’m not learning about flowers, I like to draw and help put together zines! I’m currently modding a few other zines, such as The Ultimate Academy and Gladiolus to name a few, but this is the first DDLC project I’ve had the honour to be a part of!My favourite Doki is Natsuki, and I really love springtime!🌷🌸🌼
Hello, I'm Bumble! I'm the Discord mod for the server! This is my first time being directly involved in a zine, but I'm excited to help and to see the inner workings of how one comes together! I only got into DDLC in the last year or so but these four girls own my whole heart. 💜My favorite season is winter because I love the snow!



(subject to change!)Interest Check: Sept 22nd -> Oct 6thReview Period: Oct 7th -> Oct 14thContributor Applications: Oct 14th -> Nov 14thReview Period: Nov 14th -> Nov 30thAcceptance/Rejection Emails: Dec 1st -> Dec 7thProduction Start: Dec 7thThumbnail Check-in: Dec 14thFirst Check-in: Jan 7thSecond Check-in: Feb 28thFinal Check-in: Mar 14th (Merch Only)Final Check-in: Mar 31stPre-orders: Apr 1st -> May 31stPrinting: June -> MayPacking & Shipping: May -> June🌈 Leftovers: Sept -> Oct 🌈


Q: What is a fanzine?
A: A fanzine (often shorted to zine) is an unofficial collection of illustrations and written works compiled into book form and often accompanied by physical (sometimes digital) merchandise.
Q: Will this fanzine be physical or digital?
A: Physical with digital options available.
Q: Will it be for charity or for profit?
A: Completely for charity, and our supported charity is Girls Write Now.
Q: Will NSFW be allowed?
A: No. Our rating is a solid PG-13, so NSFW will not be permitted in the fanzine or in the server.
Q: Are you going to ship internationally?
A: Yes! Barring Covid-19 restrictions, we are willing to ship worldwide. Our main Shipping Mod is based in the USA, with an additional Shipping Mod in the UK for UK/EU customers.
Q: How old do I have to be to apply?
A: 13+ as per Discord's ToS.
Q: Will there be spoilers for DDLC Plus?
A: Yes. We will not be spoiler-guarding the server for the new release and will be permitting DDLC Plus content in the fanzine.
Q: Will there be writers?
A: Yes. We will be having a unique digital-exclusive side fanzine focused completely on writing with limited visuals, such as fanfictions, poetry, semi-roleplay, etc.
We will have limited poems in the printed fanzine itself as well.Q: Will there be other creator types?
A: Other types of creators, such as musicians, cosplayers, etc., will be allowed to apply.
Q: What compensation will the contributors receive?
A: Contributors will be guaranteed to have a complete digital bundle for free and be able to purchase copies of the fanzine and merchandise at manufacturer price. However, depending on the fanzine's sales, free fanzine copies and free bundles are possible. Contributors will be kept up to date regarding this within the server.
Q: Will there be assigned concepts?
A: We will be assigning seasons/holidays based on an accepted applicant's preferences. We will not be assigning Dokis to contributors in the fanzine/PDFs, so a contributor can do whoever they want (ie Just Monika, a duo Sayori/Natsuki submission, or all four!). However, if we feel any Doki is lacking in appearances, we will ask for volunteers to help fill said appearances out.
Contributors for the merchandise, however, will (mostly) have the Dokis assigned and seasons/holidays to avoid issues and overlap.Q: What characters are allowed?
A: As we want to keep the focus on the Dokis: Monika, Yuri, Sayori, and Natsuki are allowed. The MC, The Player, OCs, 'sonas, self-inserts, etc. are not allowed to be in the focus. Exceptions for non-Doki characters in the background are judged on a case-by-case basis.
Q: What is meant by a "happier timeline"?
A: In this timeline, Monika never received her "epiphany", so the events of DDLC never occurred. Everything up til that point (the Side Stories, mentioned unseen interactions, the Dokis' backstories, etc.) did happen. ie Sayori still has depression and the "Wine Incident" still occurred.
Q: What about Yuri's self-harm scars?
A: Understandably, Yuri's self-harm scars can be triggering, so our rule regarding that will be Yuri's arms are always to be covered in visual submissions, whether that be long sleeves, a swimsuit cover, etc. We don't want to erase this aspect of her character entirely because we know it's important to some people who relate to her, so we feel this the best compromise to avoid the scars being completely removed.
Q: What about the Dokis' darker backstories?
A: As with Yuri's self-harm scars, we understand it can be upsetting or even triggering, but we don't want to erase these important aspects of the characters and why people relate to them. So alluding to the Dokis' backstories is allowed, and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
Q: What about meta references/jokes?
A: Since this is considered a timeline where Monika never received her "epiphany"/there is no 4th wall-breaking, we prefer if meta references are kept to a minimum in order to keep the fanzine consistent. They will however be judged on a case-by-case basis.
Q: Will shipping be allowed?
A: Yes and no. We are disallowing explicit romantic implications, however, our policy is "up to reader's interpretation" regarding submissions ie the reader will be able to decide if it's romantic or platonic. Think the level of the Side Stories.

Rules & Guidelines

Most importantly: read and review Team Salvato's Official IP Guidelines with regard to DDLC-related fanwork.General Rules:1. All mods and contributors are expected to be polite, respectful, and kind towards one another. Treat others how you wish to be treated.2. Anyone engaging in bigoted behavior, whether it be a mod or contributor, in the server or on socials, will be immediately removed from the project and any/all work thrown out. This includes, but is not limited to: homophobia, transphobia (this very much includes "Natsuki is a tr/p" memes), biphobia, lesbophobia, sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism, etc.3. Within the server it's asked that any sensitive topics be tagged with an appropriate "trigger warning/tw", which includes content from the game as it deals with severe mental illnesses which could be upsetting to some.4. Please refrain from bashing, hating on, or otherwise being negative about characters or the game within the server and submissions. Personal opinions are fine as well as healthy debate/discussion, but the Mod Team wishes to avoid any unnecessary drama or discourse.5. Rules will be added and updated as necessary.Contributor Rules:
1. Schedule Rule: Contributors must show evidence of progress on assigned work by each check-in. If a contributor is unable to, or needs an extension, please contact a mod as soon as possible. Lack of communication about missed deadlines will result in contributors being removed from the project.
2. Content Rule: Contributors should remain as faithful as possible to the original designs of the Dokis within reason of art styles. For example, changing the bust size of the Dokis to be larger is prohibited.3. Content Rule: Contributors are prohibited from sharing the full scope of their work until after all bundles and fanzines have been shipped out. Thumbnails and cropped previews, however, are allowed, and even encouraged.4. Content Rule: Streaming is allowed outside the server/publicly until after our Second Check-in. After that point, streaming to any audience outside the server is prohibited.5. Content Rule: ALL submissions are to be done for this project exclusively, nothing previously shared on social media, posted publicly, used as a print/merchandise at cons, etc.6. Submission Rule: All contributors retain the rights to their work and will be allowed to sell for profit after the fanzine's production has completely wrapped up. The Mod Team do not claim any rights over the work within the fanzine outside the scope of said fanzine.7. Submission Rule: However, as per Team Salvato's Official IP Guidelines: any/all DDLC-related fanwork is strictly prohibited from being uploaded and sold through mass-production websites such as Redbubble.8. Rules will be added and updated as necessary.